There are many benefits from buying a porn site membership of your favourite porn site(s), rather than watching their content via tube or torrent sites.

  • Time Saver  – This is probably the main reason, I prefer to buy a membership of my favourite porn sites now and then. Who has not tried to sit and search tube and torrent sites, to find the latest update from your preferred porn site or the most recent work of your favourite porn actors? Before you know it, you have used several hours and maybe not even found the actual clip that you were looking. My time is simply too valuable for this – I just want a quick wank to my preferred porn content and in most cases, the best way top get this, is via a porn site membership. Time is money!
  • HD quality or more – When streaming porn via tube sites you will find in most cases, even if the clip in question is list as HD, get to watch a clip in a very low bitrate and quality. That compared to the quality you would be able to download if you were a member of the site that produced the clip. Of course, this mostly matters if you are watching porn on a regular full-size monitor, as you will probably not be able to notice a big difference watching on a small mobile device. When it comes to torrent sites, you will however in most cases be able to download an HD-quality version. The down site of the torrent sites is on the other hand that a huge % of them is either paid, have a slow download speed or are not that secure. Also, it is extremely hard to find a complete collection from an individual site or actor.
  • Support the producer – Most producers will not mind if you download a few of their clips for free, for you to get an impression you like their content enough, to sign up for a paid membership. It is also the reason why many producers post themselves, at various tube sites and similar. If you like the work of a producer, you should consider supporting the producer’s site, buying a membership. The more memberships sold, the more new updates and the more dedication to the creation of new content the producer will get. Especially for smaller niche sites, each and every membership sold helps a lot. Avoid supporting download sites, buying their memberships to get fast pirated downloads. Unlike tube sites, these sites do not help the industry creating new and better content, as they are most of all about putting money into the pockets of pirates.

Before Signing up for a Membership

Membership Options

Most porn sites offer several different membership options. In most cases the main difference is the length of the membership and if recurring or non-recurring. The three most common membership options are the following:

  • 30 days recurring membership. This is the main option at most porn membership sites and would normally also be your preferred option. With this option, you normally get full access to all content on a site, and you will be able to download, stream and watch galleries, as much as you like. You should be aware that you will actively need to cancel your membership, before the end of the 30 days period or you will be re-billed. It is normally very easy to cancel your membership, by visiting the payment processors site. You will normally find a link for the payment processors site in the footer of the porn site, in the member’s area and the welcome e-mail. You do not have to wait to cancel your membership until you are getting close to the expiry date, as you will always have access for 30 full calendar days from the day you signed up, no matter when you cancel.
  • 90/180/365 days non-recurring membership. Many porn sites offer a really good discount if you sign up for a longer period. Normally you will be able to save up to 50% by choosing one of these options. A long membership is mostly recommended if you are really a huge fan of a certain porn site and would like always to have their latest updates, at the best possible rate. One thing you should always check before signing up for a longer period with any porn site is how frequent their updates are. If a site is doing only a limited number of updates, it is normally not worth the extra money, while it can be a great deal on sites with many regular updates. Another benefit that normally stick to the longer membership options is that they in 99 of 100 cases are non-recurring. So there will be no hassle cancelling your membership – just a one time sign up fee.
  • Trial membership. A classic trial membership typically only last 2-5 days to allow you as a buyer to check if you like the site’s content or not. Just as the membership period is short, the typical trial membership is also very cheap and would normally never cost more than equal to $3. A trial membership is always recurring and will almost always recur as a classic 30 days membership. So make sure to cancel right away, after signing up, in case you don´t want the more expensive re-bill. The wast majority of trial memberships offers only limited access to a given porn site, so you should not expect that you can sign up for a trial membership and download all the content offered on the site. Typically you should expect full access to streaming, but limited or no access to downloadable content (and yes, with the right media player, you can also download the streaming videos, but they will almost always be at a much lower bitrate than the real downloadable version). If you want to be sure on what you get, have a look at the site terms regarding trial memberships, before you sign up for such, as they, as mentioned, differs a little from site to site.

During Sign Up Progress

Ready to sign up? Most adult sites have a pretty straight forward sign up the process, but there is still a few things to consider.

  • “Free” extra trial memberships. Some sites offer that you can get a free trial membership to a similar site, as a kind of a bonus when signing up. This option is always listed on the payment page – so if you do not find it there, it is because it is not offered by the site you are signing up for. This option sometimes even have the opt-in box pre-clicked. If you think that the extra site offered is something for you – then go for it. In general, I would strongly recommend that you avoid this offer. If you go for it, the free trial membership will typically renew at the sites regular rate after 2-5 days. So in case that you do not have a genuine interest, in actually being a paying member of the site offered in this free trial promotion, then make sure to cancel the trial membership of it right away (you will still have your free 2-5 days trial access, even if you cancel immediately). Also keep in mind that in 99 of 100 cases, a trial membership will give you only limited access. Typically you will get full streaming access, but no access to downloads and possibly bonus content and mentioned earlier.
  • Bad exchange rate. This is advice you can and should use not only when signing up for an adult site. It´s very simple! If you ever need to pay something on a website, in a regular store or take money from an ATM. In case the website, regular store or ATM, do not use the same currency (as main currency), as the one your card has been issued in. ALWAYS if possible choose an option, where it will be your own bank doing the exchange. It has lately been very popular for regular stores and ATM´s to offer customers to do the exchange right away, so that you as a buyer know, what you will be billed in your card’s currency. It may sound good, but NEVER EVER accept this offer. Whoever is giving you this offer, is simply trying to make money offering you an in all cases way worse exchange rate, than you will get by just letting your bank do the conversion. Just the same goes with some adult payment processors, like but not limited to Verotel. They will if let´s say their client’s site is selling you a € based membership (and your card in this sample is not € based), try to bill you in your local currency and do the conversion, rather than letting your bank handle this at a much lower rate. If in any way possible, try to avoid this happening. If not possible to get around during the sign-up process, contact the payment provider and request that you would like to pay in the currency listed on the site, that you would like to join, and let your own bank do the conversion. Typically letting the payment provider handle to conversion gives an extra cost of 5-6%, so you may say it mostly make a huge difference when it comes to longer memberships.
  • Add site to safe sender list. Many porn sites will during the signup process, ask you to add their main email account (typically support/ to the safe sender’s list in your email client. If you want to receive their newsletter and another site related information, this is a highly recommended advice to follow. Alternatively, you can, of course, check your Spam folder for their emails.

After you have Signed Up

Now you got your membership – what then? When done jerking off to your favourite clip(s), there are a few things that you should ask yourself.

  • How long to stay a member. First of all in case you signed up for a recurring option – ask yourself if you expect to stay longer than the typically 30 days offered? If you already know that you just want the for the period you signed up for, then make sure to cancel your membership right away.  To be 100% sure that you will not forget to cancel before it is too late at it will recur automatically (remember you will have your full 30-day access – even if you cancel 5 minutes after buying your membership).
  • Download what you like. I highly recommend that you download your favourite clips, as soon as possible after signing up. Then you have them stored on your computer, external hard drive or where ever you prefer to store such content. No need to worry about downloading again before your membership expires and in general also much easier to keep track on what you have downloaded when you download you like in one go.
  • Complaints & Suggestions. If you are dissatisfied with the site you just signed up for, I would highly recommend that you contact the site directly rather than going through the payment processor. In most cases, their support will be able to solve your issue. If you get no reply from the site (give them minimum 24 hours) you can always contact the payment processor, as a second option. Many especially smaller sites also love to receive feedback regarding their content, site build and everything else related to their site. Just we also love feedback on our sites – in case you have any you will find our email in the footer.